Tonia Corrone

Empowerment Coach

Third Degree A, Reiki Practitioner 

Accredited Chakradance Facilitator


Hello and Welcome!


My name is Tonia and I am so happy to have you here! 


While I never dreamed of doing what I do, I am extreamly grateful to be where I am today. How I ended up here, started a number of years ago when like so many others, I was thrown some curve balls and life events... Nothing to taxing on me, well so I thought. 

After getting quite sick and being forced to look inside myself, I took a holistic approach to heal my physical health and in turn, this helped me connect with and start to heal my emotional health.

Reiki training and CHAKRADANCE™ played a massive role in my healing, as I was able to, bit by bit, shine light onto feelings and emotions that I was suppressing, blocking out, trying to avoid and hide from the people around me. 

It was during this process of emotional clearing, that I was no longer numb or "content" (a word I often used to describe myself back then). 


I actually started to feel again. I felt lighter. I started to get excited about things and started to make some significant changes. I started to feel happy. 


I started to feel empowered!

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