What is Reiki?

While we keep in mind, there are many word variations/interpretations for translating from Japanese to English, essentially, “Rei” translates to Higher Power/Wisdom and “ki” translates to, Life force energy. With Reiki translating to, Higher Power Life Force Energy. 


The way I like to explain it, is that it’s like electricity or Wifi. We don’t really know what it looks like or how it works but we know that when we flick the switch everything works. 

When we tune into Reiki, it flows through every part of your being. Your physical body, mind and spirit. It shifts and clears any stagnant energies that could be holding you back from moving forward and helps you see that the murky waters in your mind have become clearer. 

Many clients come to me either in person of for a distant healing on a regular basis to maintain balance, clarity and a sense of calm, while others will come to me during times of stress, depression, anxiety, unease, or even when they feel like they’re just “Stuck in a rut”

Reiki - Distant Healing

During a distant healing, we'll set an intention, based on what it is you're wanting to release or call in.

You don't have to be present or doing anything special for the healing to take place. A time is booked and than I am called to do the healing normally within 24 hours either side of that time. 

This experience takes me around 1 - 1.5 hours to complete while I tune into you and your energy.

After the healing, I will email you the written notes from the session for you to reflect on time and time again. 

Distant Reiki Healing - Testimonial 

"I am quite an anxious person and I am now aware that by being near the beach or in the bath I am able to relax and feel grounded.

So since your healing I took my first walk by myself along the beach which was such a big step for me and felt amazing…

It was like I was being guided home. I have never felt more at ease...

Thank you for just making me more aware of what I am capable of so that I can continue to have a positive outlook about myself and have more confidence and back myself "

Samantha N

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